Antoinetta Baldassarre Case News

Take your chances with 12 jurors or 1 judge? Criminal defense lawyers weigh in- July 3, 2017 Except for the lowest misdemeanors and the most heinous felonies, such as multiple homicides or slaying a police officer, criminal defendants who go to trial face a potentially life-altering decision …Read More  

John Pena Case News

‘I’m not an animal,’ says defendant in re-sentencing over slashing incident- June 15, 2017 A Stapleton man, whose first-degree assault conviction for a vicious slashing in his community six years ago was overturned due to an “unduly suggestive” police lineup, was sentenced Thursday …Read More

Jeffrey McDonald Case News

Man in girlfriend slay gets plea offer; some statements OK for trial- September 13, 2017 The Dongan Hills man accused of killing his girlfriend last year faces a big decision: Accept prosecutors’ offer to plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter in exchange for a 10-year prison sentence, or take his chances at trial …Read More

Michael Cianci Case News

Bus Driver ‘Bullying’ Charges Dropped – September 3, 2006 STATEN ISLAND (CBS/AP) – Charges have been dismissed against a school bus driver accused of encouraging older …Read more Force is Against Bus “Lord” – February 5, 2006 The 13-year-old pegged as a leader of a “Star Wars” fight club on a Staten Island school bus…

Michael Mastromarino Case News

Body-snatch ringleader Michael Mastromarino, gets 18-54 years – June 27, 2008 A woman who developed hepatitis after surgery with contaminated human tissue blasted body-snatch ringleader …Read more Families Tear into Body-Chop Creep – ‘You are a Butcher of Lifeless Bodies’ – June 13, 2008 Admitted body-parts harvester Michael Mastromarino heard yesterday from the enraged victims…

Rodolfo Hernandez Case News

Bus driver gets 7 years for molesting little girl – May 2, 2009 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A former school bus driver will do maximum prison time for sexually abusing a small girl with …Read more NYC school bus pedophile finally convicted – March 19, 2009 In March 2007, Rodolfo Hernandez, a 52-year-old school bus…